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Adi_BlogThe Full Time Blogger,Traveller,Nomadic,Affiliate Marketer,Writter,Product Creator And Entrepeneur. I"M a 32 year Old Full Time blogger who loves to to Blogging and Affiliate marketing and Launching product in internation's market and helping people.
Aamir KamalI write high search engine optimized articles for Newsbreak. I have no intention to promote any service or affiliate program. https://www.aamirokamal.com
Abdul GhaniMember Of Freelancers Union (USA), Freelance Writer!, and Digital Creator. Ghani Mengal is an enthusiast Freelance blogger and digital marketer. His content has been published and featured on many popular blogs, websites, and publications. Including TeelFeed, LifeHack.org, Data-Driven Investor, TextSniper, Scientific Publication The Predict, The Startup, The Ascent, Heart Affairs, Illumination, And The List goes on.
Prateek Dasgupta As a writer, lost civilizations and human progress fascinate me. My goal on News Break is to spark people's interest in the past, archaeology, natural history, and the history of scientific inquiry.
Hikaru M.Geopolitical Commentator
Shyam SapkotaHi, I am a young journalist, having a minimum experience of 1.5yrs. As on surf, I heard about the newsbreak, where we can write articles and be a part of it. I thought It a cool idea so here I am. I hope everything goes perfectly out here, thank you.