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Angela the Content MuseHi, I'm Angela, a Content Creator and marketer who is passionate about life and self-improvement.With an innate curiosity and a love for learning, I enjoy exploring new ideas and expressing my thoughts through the written word. My diverse interests have led me to write about various topics such as marketing, psychology, inspirational life stories, self-help, friendship, family, parenting, self-care and health. As a marketer, I deeply understand the significance of connecting with my audience and creating messages that resonate with them. This skill translates seamlessly into my content creation work, where my ultimate goal is to produce articles that not only inform but also inspire and engage my readers. Ever since I can remember, I've had a love for storytelling and its ability to connect people. Whether it's sharing an uplifting personal story or exploring complex ideas, I'm committed to creating content that helps others on their own personal journeys of growth and discovery. Through my writing, I strive to share what I learn and inspire others to reach their full potential.
True Crime Mysteries (Megan)She/Her, content creator, writer, true crime, and history enthusiast https://linktr.ee/truecrimemysteries
Rooted ExpeditionsYou can see all my current content and updates on my YouTube channel Rooted Expeditions. Link in bio.
Tracy CarboneI'm a fiction writer, blogger, and animal lover who wants to share local and international feel-good animal stories, and articles to inspire and engage my readers. I'm an avid fiction and essay writer and hope to enlighten you.
Gochi E.A contented life inhabitant of the universe. Here I will publish my observations, stories, travels and everything that seems useful.
Yana BostongirlWriter/blogger