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Gillian MayI'm a former nurse turned freelance writer. I have extensive experience in administration, frontline care, and education in mental health, public health, and geriatrics. However, after 20 years, I needed a change and always wanted to write. I have personal and family experience in mental health and addictions, so I'm passionate about advocacy and education in those areas. I'm also a traveler, photographer, and artist. I funnel all my various expertise into my writing and hope to provide valuable content that is entertaining and educational.
Dr. Adam TabrizPolitics | Health | Healthcare | Humanity
Suzanne AndersonMy name is Suzanne and I deliver various addiction recovery and mental health articles on behalf of Banyan Treatment Centers.
Sherry McGuinnMy goal is to educate, entertain, make you laugh, and above all, make you think. I will be running the gamut as far as my articles go because I have a restless mind and I allow it to ramble where and when it wants. I hope you enjoy what I'm looking forward to sharing with you. If so, I'd love for you to follow me. Thanks for reading.
Nikyee CloughNikyee Clough is a freelance writer who specializes in delivering news with an unbiased perspective. Her focus is on Mental Health, Travel, Food, Beauty, Pets, Business, and Breaking News. With Nikyee, you can expect straightforward and informative stories that keep you in the loop. Follow her for more insightful content!
Hassan JavedChartered Manager CMI Level 7 certified, with expertise in Project Management, Strategy Making and Digital Marketing. I am a researcher and a writer who is also a blogger and loves to write about topics that educate readers.