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Ultra UnlimitedNurturing Creativity, Inspiring Imagination, Cultivating Community Ultra Unlimited Los Angeles is the arts, media, and education hub of our global social enterprise. Nestled in the heart of LA's creative communities, our division brings together the city's most talented visionaries across fields from film and television to visual arts, music, and literature. Founded originally as part of our New York headquarters, Ultra Unlimited LA now stands on its own as a nexus of artistic innovation and collaboration. We provide resources, events, mentoring, and funding to empower LA's creative pioneers to develop their gifts and share their voices with the world. At Ultra Unlimited LA, we celebrate the diversity of human expression and facilitate artistic cross-pollination between genres, cultures, and mediums. Through our speaker series, workshops, exhibitions, and outreach programs, we offer Angelenos from all walks of life the chance to engage with art and expand their horizons. Our relationships with major studios, production companies, galleries, and universities provide opportunities for emerging creators to bring their dreams to fruition. We forge connections between business and the arts to demonstrate their interconnected, complementary nature. Ultra Unlimited LA is committed to enhancing arts education across Los Angeles. We believe every child deserves creative inspiration and a chance to shape the culture of tomorrow. By supporting arts programs in underserved schools and communities, we are planting the seeds for an equitable, inclusive artistic landscape. Join us as we write LA's next chapter, fueled by imagination, unity, and the collective power to manifest meaningful change. The city's vibrant spirit comes alive through our voices. Visit us at: www.ultra-unlimited.com
RAVI TIKUUnlock the wisdom of a 38-year gold medalist in sales, a master of creative, innovative, and fact-based writing. Discover invaluable truths and practical insights now!
Meg DixonI am a writer and a librarian living in the Chicago suburbs. I write about vegetarian food, spiritual topics, crystals, pets, books, home & living, and libraries. I wrote for my college newspaper starting in 2005 and started freelance writing in 2008. I've been at it ever since.
RozzebudJournalist and Writer - Soul Food Fitness Business Owner. I am a Spiritual Psychic Healer, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer; You can expect articles on spirituality, Astrology, psychology, nutrition, health and fitness, travel, Justice, and Science.
The CharretteThe Charrette is where art, history, politics & public opinion meet. In 18th-century France, the term “charrette” was used by the École des Beaux-Arts to describe the students’ habit of working right up until their deadlines when a cart—or charrette—was wheeled around to collect their projects for review. Now the term is used to describe an intense period of design and problem solving in which people with different specialties define the problem and come to a solution—and that, dear reader, is what this newsletter is all about: The arts in all their forms and how they affect us, Politics because art does not live in a vacuum, History because we can’t see clearly without understanding our past, and begrudgingly… Public opinion—the good, the bad, and the downright embarrassing. These are just four tools to help you discern truth from utter malarky. But don’t make the fatal mistake of using any one of them on their own—charrettes only work when the different components work together for a common goal.
Heartlinked Home and HealthHeartlinked offers ways to enrich what is important to us- our health, homes, and environment so all may thrive! Thea, the creator of Heartlinked, holds a Ba. in Metaphysical Science, plus certifications in Spiritual Coaching, and Interior Design. "We can all live an abundant, joyous life. It just takes a little wisdom and drive."
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