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Brigid PfeiferHi! I'm new here on NewsBreak. I plan on writing about food, entertainment/pop culture, travel and events primarily. I'm also fairly new on Medium (Been writing for two months there). Thanks for visiting and hope you can give me a follow. It really helps me out :)
S. F. MoriI am a retired President/CEO of civil rights organizations. I have been a Mayor and California State Assemblyman as well as a College Instructor of Economics. I have also been an entrepreneur and international business consultant. I will be sharing articles mostly about life, politics, racism, travel, health, and relationships.
Florida News
Gemini Sweetness
La PulgaLa Pulga la voz de la comunidad latina (The Voice of the Latino Community). La Pulga was formed in 2016 as a way to inform the latino community in Las Vegas Nevada, 7 years later it has become the largest latino online community on Facebook spanning hundreds of Facebook groups across the United States.
DayTripperDedicated to showing everyone that adventures are within reach. All you need is a tank of gas and a sense of adventure.
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