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Sachin Second-year medical student, I always see my life from a positive aspect, so trying to make some face smile by writing some lines about happiness.
Natalie MaximetsCertified Transformational Life Coach and Content Writer with experience in self-development, family building, and psychological well-being.
Alain SaamegoI'm a technology enthusiast, and I love learning about upcoming technologies. I also enjoy teaching and answering questions about new technologies. I'm a software engineer with a master's in Information Security and Digital Forensics.
Odyssa Rivera AbilleI write about relationships, the complexities of human life, and writing. I'm a self-published author of two poetry collections entitled "Like A New Sun Rising" and "From Where I Stand" available at www.amazon.com/author/Odyssa.
Ryan ShannonDigital nomad, I/O psychology student, entrepreneur. Visited nearly 30 countries. Author of 5 books on freelancing, travel, mental health.
Bill AbbateSemi-Retired-Leadership/Executive Coach -Personal & Career Growth Expert -Editor and Leadership Writer at Illumination -Author