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Josue TorresJournalist. Covering relevant and meaningful everyday topics.
Joel EisenbergI am an award-winning author, screenwriter for film and television, and producer. My mission on News Break is to share socially important perspectives on both culture and pop-culture. Member of PEN America, and the WGA.
S.BrownI was born and raised in Texas. I love to read,write, travel and eat. I have experienced the world through food and travel. It is almost unbelievable how much beauty this planet holds. Nothing, I mean literally NOTHING teaches you better than travel.
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Alameda PostWe are Alameda's nonprofit, independent online news and information source — community-produced and community-focused. We ❤️ all of #Alameda and #BayFarm
Ty D.I write about the things that matter. I'm a born and bred Californian, and I love exploring and writing about the Golden State! I also cover various topics - from social interest issues to history, politics, people, and culture.
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