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JudyDJudy Derby has worked in the surrounding communities as a social worker and advocate. providing resources and information to help local families meet their basic needs. She's been writing about social issues and related topics for over 10 years.
Edy ZooEdy Zoo is an author who writes about social subjects. He contributes to the ever-growing library of social critics. He approaches local social subjects and local news covering Auburn-Opelika and surrounding cities from an objective point of view. He also holds liberal views.
Ted RiversEverything Pittburgh. News, history, facts, weather, if it happens in the Steel City, I report on it.
Kwaku AmenorhuKwaku Amenorhu is an entrepreneur and a freelance writer with a background reporting on local communities, now living in and reporting on the Bronx area.
Jodian MarieBiomolecular Medical Scientist, Asc, BSc, MS (Pending MD/Ph.D.) Writer Former Data Analyst Former MicrobiologyTechnologist
Dwight ScullIncreased my net worth by $700,000 in the last 9 years after the death of my mother who had no money or life insurance. Financial articles about getting out of debt, retirement advice, and improving your side hustle to be able to retire early.