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Timothy DennisI'm a New England weather enthusiast. All my life I have been fascinated by the weather. I've spent years studying and analyzing weather and its impacts on New England. I break down New England's current weather while looking back on the past.
Angry BenI am a business partner with Meteorologist Joe Cioffi and help him create weather forecasts - I specialize in severe weather, tropical forecasts, and long range outlooks.
Utah Weather ForceUtah Weather Force is the most accurate event-based weather forecast system. We do not forecast sunny, clear, nice days where the weather will have no impact on your plans. Join our viewer club on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/578711040406563
Arizona WeathermanArizona Weatherman AKA Michael Bielas with 25+ years of experience as a meteorologist and an independent weather consultant under Abundant Sources LLC. Currently certified AZ STEM teacher online. News articles will focus on Arizona weather, events, and military aircraft.
Arizona Weather ForceArizona Weather Force is Arizona's most accurate custom weather alert service, specializing in storms, high winds, snow, and the monsoon season with over 65,000 people on social media and counting.