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Kennardo G. JamesMy name is Kennardo "Greg" James and I started writing news based stories in January 2022. I will deliver news that you need to be aware of with an unbiased lens and bring attention to things that need awareness.
Ash JurbergWriting on business and local events. Follow me for the latest updates.
Toni KorazaBringing you the latest reports on current events, lifestyle, and money.
DudelovesfoodFood lover based out of Atlanta, GA Google Guide Level 8 and beyond Yelp Elite Let me know where to eat next!
SD Fish and SipsI have a passion for saltwater fishing my local waters of San Diego California and love sharing the stories of my fishing adventures through videos on my YouTube Channel: SD Fish and Sips.
The World Around Jae and BeyondWriting articles about relationships, family issues, culture, lifestyle, and other topics people deal with on a daily basis in today's society while presenting current events related to the state of Alabama.
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