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Inspire YouInspire You is a dynamic and innovative online news platform that aims to inspire its readers through positive and uplifting stories. Our mission is to deliver news that is informative, engaging, and inspirational, while also promoting social change and community involvement. We believe in the power of good news to lift people's spirits and bring about positive change.
Libby Shively McAvoyLibby is a Personal Development and Relationship coach specializing in emotional intelligence. By blending motivational speaking, leading yoga and wellness retreats, and writing, she has mastered the art of living her best life while helping others.
Kwaku AmenorhuKwaku Amenorhu is an entrepreneur and a freelance writer with a background reporting on local communities, now living in and reporting on the Bronx area.
AnnWritesSharing life as it occurs
The Info HubI like to write news on the the topics of Entertainment, Recent Event happening in the world, and on the most interesting things in the world.
JudyDJudy Derby has worked in the surrounding communities as a social worker and advocate. providing resources and information to help local families meet their basic needs. She's been writing about social issues and related topics for over 10 years.
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