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Kadriana Heishman |NMLS#2284751| CAL DRE# 02220708Kadriana is a loan officer, military relocation, and freelance writer. Kadriana's passion for storytelling extends to journalism and young adult short stories. As your go-to expert, she simplifies the complexities of real estate, provides insights into military life, and keeps you informed on current events. When she's not working Kadriana enjoys spending time with her children and working out.
NewsCrunchNews Crunch is here to make your life a little bit tastier, more entertaining, and more informed. We write about everything from the latest food trends to the most important news stories of the day.
CORE NEWS CLUB"Passionate wordsmith weaving tales that transcend realms and traverse emotions. As a seasoned storyteller and article writer, I sculpt narratives that dance between the lines of imagination and reality. My pen is a brush, painting vibrant stories.