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Annelise Lords I don't limit myself, because I learn from the actions, choices, decisions, and life of everyone I know. I study and learn from all of my life's circumstances and situations, and also yours. My power of words is about life, awareness, the value, and the simplicity of commonsense, especially when it's not used. Life lessons are in everything we do. I will show them to you.
Sara BI share legends, myths, and bizarre history, sometimes news. Living nomadically since 2018, currently in Colombia.
TheRodriguezTwins NewsI've dedicated the last four years to producing fascinating video blogs that explore a variety of topics, from cutting-edge technology to the introduction of the Mercedes Benz EQS and  social media analysis. The following we've amassed on TikTok, consisting of  1.7 million followers.
Tom WickTom Wick has studied and written articles for over 15 years. Always had a desire to give the readers the exact news they'd like to read. Giving you raw uncut updates on the hottest topics around the world such as sports, sex, food, fashion, and much more!!!
NikI am a true crime addict, reporting on everything true crime related.
Nail in the Foot Explore more with unique travel ideas.
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Alamogordo Conservative Daily

The Whispers of the Anasazi to the Ghost of Willie, Spirits & Ghosts are Alive in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Alamogordo, NM2023-01-03