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BRAANDWomens coaching. Writing to inform and help anyone but mostly women grow and gain confidence and mental well-being while helping them heal and gain strength. Other topics also include parenting, true crime, psychology, and mental health.
Dima GhawiDima Ghawi is the founder of a global talent development company with a primary mission for advancing individuals in leadership. She provides guidance to business executives to develop diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies within workplaces.
Libby Shively McAvoyLibby is a Personal Development and Relationship coach specializing in emotional intelligence. By blending motivational speaking, leading yoga and wellness retreats, and writing, she has mastered the art of living her best life while helping others.
Tracy CarboneI'm a writer, blogger, painter, and animal lover who wants to share local and international feel-good animal and human stories, and articles to inspire and engage my readers.
RealRedFoxWordsmith. Gifted Intuitive. Experienced Reader. Warrior. Advocate. Healer. Light Worker. Survivor. Dreamer. Artist.