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Julie SabolicMarketing Professional
Black Coffee and Blue JeansI am a seventy something woman, living successfully with Rheumatoid arthritis for over 46 years. Professionally I am a retired registered nurse, from NY, and would like to share my years of disability as well as joy from this crippling disease.
Zack LoveZack covers interesting and inspiring news stories that impact local communities. He has a bachelor's degree and an MBA.
Faith Mickley Magical Mom Lovely LifeSingle mom to a child with special needs and has worked professionally with special needs children, in a residence home and educational setting. Providing parenting help and also dating help for single moms wanting to be happy and thriving.
Adrian HolmanI like to write about sports. I am a dwarf at 4'7" tall.
Gillian SisleyYour news source for viral content about complex relationships, society, and culture.