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Gary SmithChief Content Writer at World-Track. I have written news and sports for AFP, Associated Press, Cana News Media, European Athletics, and more, covering the Olympics, world championships, college sports, and local and global events since 2004.
S. F. MoriI am a retired President/CEO of civil rights organizations. I have been a Mayor and California State Assemblyman as well as a College Instructor of Economics. I have also been an entrepreneur and international business consultant. I will be sharing articles mostly about life, politics, racism, travel, health, and relationships.
Lisa Norris, Registered DietitianExpert insights on effectively managing diabetes, including strategies to reduce high blood sugars, control blood pressure, and manage cholesterol levels. As a dedicated blogger, Diabetes Educator, avid traveler, and urban gardener, I'm passionate about empowering others. I not only conduct virtual nutrition classes but also host engaging monthly virtual Healthy Cooking Club events as well. My aim is to showcase how to create flavorful, healthy meals using wholesome ingredients. I break the misconception that healthy eating is bland or boring. Leveraging my background in Nutrition, southern roots, and culinary expertise, I create delicious, time-saving dishes with a creative flair. Follow me on NewsBreak for more tips, and culinary how-tos!
Delicious Restaurant ExplorersI have a sizzling passion for all things culinary! Love to cook and love to eat out too to get inspiration on what to cook at home. Please join me and my family in our journey to explore delicious restaurants in Los Angeles and beyond. Bon appétit!
BronxVoiceBronx Voice is the true voice of Bronx News. Online and in print Bronx Voice covers news and events taking place throughout the borough. Breaking News, crime, politics and health.the bronx news
Jennifer GeerJennifer covers lifestyle content and local news for the Chicago area.
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