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April KillianApril Killian is a native of Florence, Alabama and writes about her home state of Alabama and the Shoals area. She is the mom of many pets and 3 adult children. Along with writing, she sells vintage items online and conducts estate sales in her area. She is a lifelong supporter of charity work, loves life, and tries to be a positive force in this world in everything she does! Her writing passions include: family and social issues, nature, humor, the paranormal and anything interesting or weird! Click on "follow" to see more of her articles in the future! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Aprilkillian
Brad LedbetterBrad Ledbetter is a multi-talented individual based in Rainbow City, Alabama. With a passion for storytelling, Brad has decided to focus on what was once a hobby and pursue a career in journalism and content creation while also advocating for important issues such as mental health.​ Brad is also a content creator for VALOR Gaming.
Talia MeadowsTravel, history, gardening, and local events.
The World Around Jae and BeyondWriting articles about relationships, family issues, culture, lifestyle, and other topics people deal with on a daily basis in today's society while presenting current events related to the state of Alabama.
David E.Hi there! I'm a proud Texan with a passion for writing. Whether it's crafting a captivating story or expressing my thoughts and opinions, putting words to paper is my creative outlet. Follow along as I share my literary journey and the stories that make Texas such a special place.
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