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Motivated By AndrewI enjoy writing books of various categories and topics as well as helping people and learning new things while doing so. Most of my books have to do with motivation, positivity, the outdoors and wilderness/bushcraft topics, and more.
TopNotchInfoGreetings! I'm an Intermediate programmer with a passion for sharing my journey and the lifelong lessons I've gathered along the way. Beyond programming, my true aspiration lies in inspiring and motivating others to reach for their dreams.
I am RosecVisionary Entrepreneur | Advocate for Innovation and Empowerment | Dedicated Business Men | Pronouns: He/Him. | I Cover Various Topics, From Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Celebrities & Even Sports.
Kisha WalkerKisha Walker is a published Author, Writer, Poet, Ghostwriter, and has been an Activist against Police Brutality for the past 16+ years. Kisha has also contributed to society by engaging in civic communal activities such as supporting the political processes of American Democracy. With respect for the integrity of journalism, Kisha reports on happenings within NYC, as well as Global news at large when there is a relevant concern to the local community. Beginning Sept, 1, 2023, Kisha will present to you an interactive segment called "Through The Eye of The Needle". In the midst of the undeniable changes occurring in the world, Kisha feels it is necessary to bring to you the pertinent current and future itinerary planned for society's transition from the World Order into the New World Order. You are invited to express your point of view in the comments and Kisha will engaged with your thoughts. We are in this together. Finally, Kisha will revisit some stories that she found to be strange and out of the ordinary.
Dicle BelulCertified Holistic Nutritionist Personal Trainer Content Creator