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Mini DIgestI am a writer who travels and writes all that I experience during my travels with my audiences. I do review food as well. What I like to eat and what is delicious
Dr. E.C. BeuckHolding a PhD in Political Science, I write about current events and on political topics related to international relations, international law, conflict both between and within states, and the interactions between technology and politics.
trex globalLike to share my views and understanding of financial news
Maya DeviI have done my graduation in history and politics. I write unique and interesting articles focused on our day to day life.
DOPE Quick ReadsCurrently pursuing a Juris Doctor at Western State College of Law, freelance writer Charnell Gilchrist, a North Carolina native, now spends her free time writing in sunny Aliso Viejo, CA.
Akhil AravindAlways seeking the truth, I write interesting articles based on science and history