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Uncovering FloridaSharing news and interest pieces about the Sunshine State. Follow and tag us with your photos and stories on socials @uncoveringflorida!
Dianna CarneyFollow me for small business news, community events, and trending topics within Massachusetts. To reach out with story tips or business inquiries, email me at dianna@diannacarney.com
Travel Mavenfood + travel guides in your state and beyond.
Rachael VolpeA thrice-published amateur poet, freelance young-adult author, & contributing journalist for Uncovering Florida, I use my fast-paced media background to seek out local interest pieces on all things travel, events, foodie finds, deals, and soft news that I think you'd find interesting too!
Joe MertensWriting about a variety of different topics, such as local news, food, travel, weather, sports, movies, and anything else that comes to mind.
Michelle NorthropWriter, aspiring genealogist, and coffee lover covering the news in the SW Washington/PDX area.
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