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Zonelife Experienced local news journalist with a passion for uncovering the stories that matter. Committed to accurate, unbiased reporting that serves the community
Faith Mickley Magical Mom Lovely LifeSingle mom to a child with special needs and has worked professionally with special needs children, in a residence home and educational setting. Providing parenting help and also dating help for single moms wanting to be happy and thriving.
The Virtual Pediatric OTPediatric Occupational Therapist | Parent Coach | I create content for pediatric OTs and parents to improve understanding of children with special needs.
Angela the Content MuseHi, I'm Angela, a Content Creator and marketer who is passionate about life and self-improvement.With an innate curiosity and a love for learning, I enjoy exploring new ideas and expressing my thoughts through the written word. My diverse interests have led me to write about various topics such as marketing, psychology, inspirational life stories, self-help, friendship, family, parenting, self-care and health. As a marketer, I deeply understand the significance of connecting with my audience and creating messages that resonate with them. This skill translates seamlessly into my content creation work, where my ultimate goal is to produce articles that not only inform but also inspire and engage my readers. Ever since I can remember, I've had a love for storytelling and its ability to connect people. Whether it's sharing an uplifting personal story or exploring complex ideas, I'm committed to creating content that helps others on their own personal journeys of growth and discovery. Through my writing, I strive to share what I learn and inspire others to reach their full potential.
PJ@DisabilityNewsI am a journalist with 30+ years of experience working in the fields of natural resources, non-profit, education, research and disabilities and special needs. I will be reporting about the events that affect the disabled and special needs community.
KrisI have 35 years in Business Administration and Healthcare and enjoy writing about family, business, relationships, and humor. I hope my content helps you improve your life and relationships. "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway