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Breaking Through NewsBreaking Through is a hard hitting local, state, and national news organization. We were on the frontlines of critical national debates such as family separations and police corruption. We proudly deliver the news you need, but you don't always see!
Law Enforcement Talk Radio Show and PodcastLaw Enforcement Talk: Crime and Trauma Stories Podcast. Exploring Real-Life Crime and Trauma stories. Law enforcement officers, first responders, military, crime victims tell their stories. Broadcast on 110 affiliate US Radio Stations, to millions.
DMV InvestigationsDMV Investigations pursues the untold truth in government. DMV Investigations is an independent investigative news source telling the hidden truth in government. The truth that they do not want you to believe, and the truth you can't believe. Exposing corruption, incompetence, and general misconduct of any government official. We consist of several staff reporters who contribute information from around the DMV and across the United States, reaching as far as Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and California. We are not affiliated with any local newspaper, agency, or media. Stay Tuned for more stories from DMV Investigations where we don't believe the truth that the sheep normally do. Follow Us on X @BrowningSJ34720
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Rachel PerkinsI'm an avid reader and writer. I spend most of my time in Florida and Maine and write about the unique qualities that make each of them so special as well as news that makes an impact on our community.