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Alex ZiperovichEssayist, opinion columnist, dyspeptic political analyst, historian. I write about politics, justice, foreign affairs, and culture, dissecting the larger historical and social context underlying important events. I'm allergic to ideology, and immune to propaganda. Thus, I offer nuanced analyses and opinions about a world which frequently defies easy explanation.
Carl BelenSharing the latest local stories related to the economy and more
BobbyInteracting with social life trends, politics
Steph SmithI am finance graduate and a blogger who is passionate about cryptocurrencies. With my deep knowledge of the crypto world, I have been writing about the latest news and developments on my website.
AFmitrynewsI’m a US Air Force Enlistee |18yr| who will post real live events in and off base. I will be posting daily clean family friendly content for everyone with no bias or any political ties. I will be posting articles and videos from all around the Earth.
O'RemsI have worked in an editorial for about 3 years. My Personal GOAL is to equip people with the right information needed per time