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Black Coffee and Blue JeansI am a seventy something woman, living successfully with Rheumatoid arthritis for over 46 years. Professionally I am a retired registered nurse, from NY, and would like to share my years of disability as well as joy from this crippling disease.
Everything Is Bigger "Everything is Bigger" is a minimalist blog covering all things Texas. From politics to local events, it offers concise, up-to-date info in an easy-to-navigate format. A go-to resource for timely Texas news.
Florida PulseBorn and raised in the Sunshine State, I have a deep-rooted connection to Florida's vibrant landscapes, diverse cultures, and dynamic events. From the balmy beaches of the Keys to the bustling streets of Miami and the serene backwaters of the Everglades, I'm on a mission to chase and chronicle everything happening under the iconic Florida sun, bringing stories that resonate with both locals and admirers from afar.
David HeitzI've been in the news business 35 years, spending much of my career in editing roles at community newspapers in Southern California and the Quad-Cities of Illinois and Iowa. Upon moving to Denver in 2018, I began experiencing severe mental illness due to several traumatic experiences. I became homeless on the street for about a year before spending time in the state mental hospital. I am proof that people can rebound from even severe mental illness with proper treatment. I consider myself a lucky guy to live in a great place like Denver. I hope my writing reflects the passion I have for living in the Mile High City. You can email me news releases and story ideas at NewsBreakDave@gmail.com
Erick FernandezI cover mental and physical health topics, keeping an eye on the latest medical findings. Reach me at cognitivequest@outlook.com
Foodie TravelerI write about local news, food, travel, sports, movies, weather, and anything else that comes to mind. I write about local news, food, travel, sports, movies, weather, and anything else that comes to mind.
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Dr. Richard Baker, AIF

Setting the Table for Year-End Markets

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