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Shelley WengerShelley is a small town farm mom of two boys. She is a veterinary technician, so she is proud to write about all kinds of animals and their care. She also loves to write about writing, running a business, working from home, and much more.
Southern California Weather ForceSouthern California Weather Force is the first private Weather forecast office in Southern California, covering 10 counties with over 100000 followers and counting.
Timothy DennisI'm a New England weather enthusiast. All my life I have been fascinated by the weather. I've spent years studying and analyzing weather and its impacts on New England. I break down New England's current weather while looking back on the past.
Arizona WeathermanArizona Weatherman AKA Michael Bielas with 25+ years of experience as a meteorologist and an independent weather consultant under Abundant Sources LLC. Currently certified AZ STEM teacher online. News articles will focus on Arizona weather, events, and military aircraft.
SayitLoudExperienced engineer turned news contributor, follow me for insightful news and analysis that will keep you ahead of the curve.
The Weather ReportMeteorologist at The weather report, providing you with up-to-the-minute weather insights across the USA. With a passion for meteorology. I decode weather patterns, keeping you prepared for whatever skies bring. From sunny days to stormy nights, my goal is to make weather accessible and actionable. Tune in daily for accurate forecasts on The weather report. Let's navigate the elements together! ?️?️☔
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