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Cheryl E PrestonI am a native Virginian who writes, about breaking news, nutrition, history, celebrities, and current events that are of interest to those living in the Commonwealth.
Freelance News MNCovering local news in outstate Minnesota. Specializing in investigative reports.
S. F. MoriI am a retired President/CEO of civil rights organizations. I have been a Mayor and California State Assemblyman as well as a College Instructor of Economics. I have also been an entrepreneur and international business consultant. I will be sharing articles mostly about life, politics, racism, travel, health, and relationships.
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JudyDJudy Derby has worked in the surrounding communities as a social worker and advocate. providing resources and information to help local families meet their basic needs. She's been writing about social issues and related topics for over 10 years.
Siskiyou NewsRaised in the Wilds of Northern California, aka State of Jefferson, believing difficulty brings opportunity! The goal is not just to inform, but to inspire meaningful conversations and community engagement. We encourage readers to submit letters, contribute story ideas, attend local events, and make their voices heard on issues that matter most to them. Together, we can ensure Siskiyou County continues to thrive for generations to come.
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