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Kim McKinneyI love stories of people and places and enjoy telling these stories. I live in my hometown of Statesville, NC, in the Charlotte area, and love to show how lovely life is here. More is going on than may meet the eye. I also enjoy expanding throughout North Carolina to show the places and activities and people that make me believe life is fascinating and travel as much as I can, so write about that, too. I also have a passion for justice and a special interest in accessible healthcare, including treatment for drug and alcohol dependency. I am a woman of faith, joy, laughter, adventure, and live life to the full. Follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kimmckinney719 or my blog KimberleyMcKinney.com or https://kimmckinney719.medium.com.
Alex WillamsAlex Williams is a respected journalist, known for his nuanced insights into music, arts, and broader fields like business and tech. Beyond his written work, he relishes time spent with family, outdoor adventures, and savoring his cherished record collection.
Hard Drive FansHard Drive Fans is your source for content regarding the Central Illinois band HARD DRIVE. Expect to see content related to the happenings of the HARD DRIVE BAND. Be sure to FOLLOW for current updates!
Fresh EstablishmentDedicated to illuminating the diverse tapestry of the black community and the vibrant world of entertainment, I thrive on capturing the essence of both local and global narratives. My passion for storytelling comes alive as I delve into the realms of celebrity news, music, and the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.
Band PioneerA seasoned musician with over 20 years in coding and marketing, combining this diverse set of skills to help empower musicians towards profitability. I'm also a lifelong East Coast native, with a love for Southeastern US history!
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