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Madison CatesI am a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers. I teach other moms how to manage their households with decluttering and time-management skills. Visit me at Decluttering Mom and join our free FaceBook group for motivation and tips!
Law Enforcement Talk Radio Show and PodcastLaw Enforcement Talk: Crime and Trauma Stories Podcast. Exploring Real-Life Crime and Trauma stories. Law enforcement officers, first responders, military, crime victims tell their stories. Broadcast on 110 affiliate US Radio Stations, to millions.
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The Art Within YouKentrell Parker is a multifaceted Individual, possessing talents as a poetess, writer, aspiring author, philosopher, fashion designer, artist, and philanthropist. As the proprietor of The Art Within You enterprise, she has chosen to share her gifts and abilities with the world and others.
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Ashleigh NicoleAshleigh Nicole is an Alabama-based writer and freelancer, bringing a unique blend of culinary expertise and creative storytelling to the world of writing. The former executive chef at a prominent French bistro was forced to rethink career choice after COVID-19. She is now a truth seeker and news junkie sharing what she finds with her audience. Drawing from her diverse experiences, Ashleigh now uses her storytelling abilities to captivate readers and offer a fresh perspective.
The Art Within You

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