# Mental health awareness

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Monica Leigh FrenchI have been studying political science for 12+ years. I enjoy writing about current events, politics, mental health, addiction, and local news. I lean to the left politically, but I try my best to be objective when covering political topics. I also write on Medium, Substack, and Vocal.
Mulberry Branch Farm A family of homesteaders in East Central Indiana. We want to break free of the Big Box Grocery Stores. We are striving to grow our own food on our little slice of paradise that started out as a retired corn field! We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Muscovy Ducks, meat and egg laying chickens, and turkeys! We love beekeeping for the benefits they provide us and neighboring gardens as pollinators and honey is just a sweet bonus! We garden in zone 5b in both raised garden beds and in ground gardens! Follow us on our journey and become apart of our Farmily!
Scott Ninneman @ Speaking BipolarScott is a passionate advocate for mental health. He shares his own struggles of fighting bipolar disorder on his Speaking Bipolar blog while promoting positivity and understanding. Scott also publishes on Medium and Vocal.
Heather WillardPublic safety reporter in DougCo, Denver metro. Previously: Pueblo Chieftain public safety reporter, Athens Messenger associate editor. Caffeine fiend, cat mom and lover of all things spooky.
Nick KidawskiCertified HeartMath Coach | I'm the Anxiety Alchemist and coach people to overcome anxiety by working with the power and intelligence of their heart so they can get back to being the person they love to be. In my articles, I'll share holistic tips you can put into daily practice on how to do this.
Yana BostongirlWriter @ Medium https://yanabostongirl.medium.com/membership