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David HeitzI've been in the news business 35 years, spending much of my career in editing roles at community newspapers in Southern California and the Quad-Cities of Illinois and Iowa. Upon moving to Denver in 2018, I began experiencing severe mental illness due to several traumatic experiences. I became homeless on the street for about a year before spending time in the state mental hospital. I am proof that people can rebound from even severe mental illness with proper treatment. I consider myself a lucky guy to live in a great place like Denver. I hope my writing reflects the passion I have for living in the Mile High City. You can email me news releases and story ideas at NewsBreakDave@gmail.com
Blog VineHello! Welcome to Blog Vine, I'm a blogger and I specialize in world news, evergreen and romance articles. Stay Updated!
Jameson StewardI write mainly about Alabama.
Charleston News LinkThe News Break platform produces reports from around the globe. Charleston News Link is comprised of 5 local writers who send their work into a News Break editor for review. Five are used so that opinions may be flushed as much as possible and comingled into stories for the public's consumption. We seek truths and each writer is to send the evidence in during the comingling News Break process. These published pieces are from inside the boundaries of Charleston, TN; Bradley County, TN; the State of Tennessee and the United States of America. We remain focused on the northern end of the county, where you will find a little town full of factual data that often falls through the cracks. This is why we were called to action by our editor. As current news outlets and data collectors seem to focus on the larger sections of populations, News Break has taken a different approach. The City of Charleston, TN's historical foundation is flowing with residential buzz, loyal businesses, dedicated organizations and happenings inside county and city governments that we should be aware of. Unfortunately, the listed goes unnoticed as the larger sections of populations drives the news or at least they used to. Welcome to News Break, where local news is happening and now it is available. Your editor’s goal is to project witnessed/intercepted facts and fair analysis of rumored material inside informative stories for the community to enjoy. Email us if you would like to make comment on a story, need more information or just a friendly chat.
Shreyas SureshKaryakarta from Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh Vivekananda Shaka, Aurora-Naperville, IL