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Rachel PerkinsI'm an avid reader and writer. I spend most of my time in Florida and Maine and write about the unique qualities that make each of them so special as well as news that makes an impact on our community.
ErayAs a 10-year vape user, I have been producing content about vape devices and vape juices, flavors and differences. I have also been sharing what I know about medical cannabis and its effects for a while.
Things that Matter Thought-provoking local content that cuts through the noise, delivering concise and impactful stories that focus on the issues shaping our world today.
Ty D.I write about the things that matter. I'm a born and bred Californian, and I love exploring and writing about the Golden State! I also cover various topics - from social interest issues to history, politics, people, and culture.
Chrissie MasseyA dedicated writer who aims to inform her readers of the information they need to know.
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