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Mark Randall HavensMark Randall Havens is a serial entrepreneur and creator who has been starting technology businesses since he was 19 years old. He is the founder of both the Dallas Maker Community and Dallas Makerspace, two of the most well-known maker communities in North Texas. He holds a Master of Science in Management from Colorado Technical University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley. In recognition of his work in the maker community, he was awarded a prestigious Ph.D. fellowship from the University of Texas at Arlington. When he's not working on making things or exploring life, culture, and technology, Mark can be found living in a central suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex exploring new, innovative ways to provide for his mother and two children.
George J. ZiogasHR Consultant | Life Coach | Freelance Writer | Delivering content with the reader’s interests in mind.
Sandeep KashyapSandeep Kashyap is the Founder and CEO of ProofHub — an award-winning project management and team collaboration software. As a person, he believes in breaking the confines of titles by being an innovative thinker and a creative problem solver.
Sarah RoseBlogger | Poet | Freelancer | Ultra Runner Blog: The Prosiest IG: @mcmountain Email: sarahrose.writer@gmail.com
Rejoice DenhereLifestyle writer | Published Author | Business owner I write about leadership, personal development, life lessons and wellness. My goal is to inform as well as inspire readers.
Applied Psychology StudyApplied Psychology Study covers the application of psychological principles to solve problems of the human experience, including the workplace, health, product design, law and more.
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