# Kennedy space center

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Charles BoyerCharles Boyer is a Senior Correspondent for Florida Media Now. He has written about spaceflight for twenty years, and has also covered college sports and professional golf as well. He currently resides on the Space Coast of Florida
Mark StoneMark Stone is a journalist and professional photographer living in central Florida. When not covering Florida's plentiful aviation and space events, he is covering local stories at home.
TJ WallerTJ is a professional, freelance action photographer with 50+ years experience photographing professional sports, Florida wildlife, rocket launches and the war in Ukraine. Based in Geneva, Florida, TJ conducts exciting photography workshops and also provides one-on-one photography instruction. Available for hire to any media outlet needing a freelance photographer for professional sports, wildlife stories or rocket launches.
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JahangirI am Independent journalist, entrepreneur, digital marketer
AlinatyI like traveling and nature.
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