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Braydyn The Bear LentsStudent at Indiana University Bloomington, journalism major, Class of 2024, sports media minor, staff writer/journalist for Hoosiers Network, freelancer "It's called the American Dream cause you have to be asleep to believe it." -- George Carlin
The Chronicles of YesterdayHello, I am a young passionate blogger very curious about discovering old and modern facts. I generally write topics related to places, tech, facts, crypto, and a lot of others I am hoping for support from all the creators on my ongoing journey in Newsbreak.
ELblogI love writing, from lifestyle to comedy, personal developments to travels, facts to fantasies. I will make your day with my articles.
Talia MeadowsTravel, history, gardening, and local events.
Carl BelenSharing the latest local stories related to the economy and more
Building Indiana BusinessBuilding Indiana Business magazine is the largest business-to-business publication in the state of Indiana.
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