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The World Around Jae and BeyondWith a mind full of a thousand thoughts per minute, I’m not sure what kind of content I will post. Just know it will deal with the World Around Jae and Beyond. Like, share, follow, and comment because content gets posted randomly! ONLY Platform The World Around Jae and Beyond uses.
Alissa LyonsBrit who spends 60% of her time in New York City for work. Food, Shopping, and Events Guides + Occasional Opinion Piece.
Matthew C. WoodruffMatthew is an independent journalist, an internationally award-winning author best known for Dark Humor/Lite Horror/Supernatural short stories, as well as an ordained minister who served as a domestic missionary. He is a lover of the unusual, travel, cats and the spark that makes people tick. Matthew is based in Florida, USA.
Florida Family InsidersFlorida Family Insiders is an award-winning travel and family content creating family of five living in the beautiful sunshine state. We work with tourism boards and our own discoveries to bring you the best of life in Florida! Whether it is natural areas, theme parks, local oddities and legends, historic places, hotels, or restaurants, we have you covered. We also love to share recipes, tips, and tricks, and review products that make our lives easier as a busy family! Florida is full of natural beauty, amazing food, and family-friendly fun. We want to show you a Florida family's perspective on the world when we travel outside our home state. We'll bring you to great places to take your own family so stick around, we are going to have fun! * Vlogs * Hotel reviews * Restaurant reviews * Theme parks * Nature and adventure * Parks and oddities For business inquiries and review inquiries: Floridafamilyinsiders@gmail.com
Dianna CarneyWriting about local news stories, community events, and trending topics within Massachusetts. Submit stories/tips directly to me by emailing dianna@diannacarney.com
Keira LaneWriter | Author "From A Heart-Shaped Box" | Co-Founder Autimagination Media | Co-Founder quipsandcups.com | Co-Founder spiceandlane.com | Interviewer | Mom | Advocate | Ally | Featured Guest in various articles and podcasts | Neurodiverse | She/Her
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