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SaveOurState913Brian Stephens is just a passionate dude from Kansas, trying to help the local Leavenworth community. Brian became tired of misinformation, misleading information, and outright lies bombarding our worlds. Worse most are veiled in the form of "news" and quietly and appropriately labeled "news opinion programming" or entertainment. This culture shift has had disastrous effects on the local community. Articles written by Brian are intended to inform, and encourage additional research. Be kind, this isn't my job, but will take any constructive feedback. Thanks for reading.
Jim O’RearPeek inside local events, theme parks, attractions, and restaurants as well as look at a variety of fandom hobbies, collectibles, cooking, and movie set visits.
The Silent MajorityNon-Woke News for American Moderates
Doug SteffyLiving in eastern Pennsylvania for 30+ years and reporting on news as it happens.
Matthew C. WoodruffMatthew is an independent journalist, an internationally award-winning author best known for Dark Humor/Lite Horror/Supernatural short stories, as well as an ordained minister who served as a domestic missionary. He is a lover of the unusual, travel, cats and the spark that makes people tick. Matthew is based in Florida, USA.
Breaking Through NewsBreaking Through is a hard hitting local, state, and national news organization. We were on the frontlines of critical national debates such as family separations and police corruption. We proudly deliver the news you need, but you don't always see!