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Walk In Talk Media: Chefs•Farms•FoodWalk-In Talk: Media is a company devoted to the food industry. We are dedicated to highlighting the best of the best when it comes to Chefs, Hotels, Restaurants and Food. Our four main platforms are Walk-In Talk: Podcast, Restaurant Recipes, The Dirty Dash, and The Restaurant Life Magazine. •Restaurant Recipes is a streaming and internet-based TV food show that is branded to our Walk-In Talk Chefs. Each episode features a different Chef who prepares a delicious dish and provides viewers with a basic how-to guide on it’s creation. We are proud to feature some of the most talented Chefs in the industry and showcase their amazing recipes. •The Dirty Dash is a unique platform that focuses on cocktails and the particular property our Chefs create their dishes. Our viewers can learn about the latest trends in mixology and discover new recipes for their favorite drinks. •Walk-In Talk: Podcast is an exciting and fast-paced podcast that interviews industry leaders and representatives from amazing brands and companies. Our mission is to explore current trends, challenges, and potential solutions in the food industry. We conduct our interviews on-site at high quality hotels and restaurants, making sure to capture the energy and atmosphere of the location. •The Restaurant Life Magazine is the perfect companion to the Walk-In Talk portfolio of digital content. It features beautiful photography, industry-related articles, recipes from our Culinary Partners, and the introduction of vetted high performing food distributors, brands, and products. It’s the perfect way to stay up to date on the latest food industry news and trends. We’re proud to be a leader in food industry content creation and invite you to join us on our journey. Visit www.TheWalkInTalk.com to learn more and also check out video and podcast episodes.