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Michael SimpsonI am a scientist with over 40 years of experience in cell biology, biochemistry, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular disease. As a part of that background, I also had further education in immunology, microbiology, and evolutionary biology.
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Judith StevensJudith has a wide range of non-fiction writing experience, including but not limited to: Finding a job, career transitioning, interviewing tips and skills, Coastal Living, Mental Health (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression), Divorce/Dating in later life, Gardening etc. Judith has a new book (non-fiction Great Houseplants ) on Amazon and a new one before the fall (Fiction - Children /YA Adventure Fantasy)
Joel EisenbergI am an award-winning author, screenwriter for film and television, and producer. My mission on News Break is to share socially important perspectives on both culture and pop-culture. Member of PEN America, and the WGA.