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Matthew C. WoodruffMatthew is a free-lance journalist, and an internationally award-winning author best known for Dark Humor/Lite Horror/Supernatural short stories. He is a lover of the unusual, travel, cats and people's souls. Matthew is based in Florida, USA.
Daniel MealoLifelong Orlando resident and one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Justin CasselStriving to share positive stories about Central Nebraska communities through the lens of everyday people.
Grant PerryI have lived nearly my whole life in Alaska, mostly in Anchorage. I am interested in local, national, and global news, local food and events, games, and music.
Ilana QuinnPlease consider funding my creative work with the link below if you enjoy my writing! :)
Robert LambAs a local media representative for Jehovah's Witnesses, my objective is to share accurate and encouraging local articles that show how a positive outlook is helping Witness families and others in everyday life. I am also a published freelance writer for a couple of local newspapers. One paper I wrote for was the Crittenden Press in Marion, Kentucky. Another paper I have written for is the Hawaii Tribune-Herald in Keaau, Hawaii.
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