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David E.Hi there! I'm a proud Texan with a passion for writing. Whether it's crafting a captivating story or expressing my thoughts and opinions, putting words to paper is my creative outlet. Follow along as I share my literary journey and the stories that make Texas such a special place.
The Light of DayReporting on topics that deserve to see the light the day. The author is a Crisis Counselor and First Responder for many different national crisis services including The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Trevor Project, Child Protective Services, and 911 Diversion.
Chidiebere Moses OgbodoJournalist | Author | Editor-in-Chief of Insights Success and its Magazines. I write about good things in everything, sharing positive vibes and finding solutions to global issues through quality editorial, and digital content presentation on all platforms.
Gochi E.A contented life inhabitant of the universe. Here I will publish my observations, stories, travels and everything that seems useful.
Shane LifemanAs a certified life coach, entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years. I plan on merging these three topics by writing about topics that are related to succeeding in life, money management, evaluating side hustles, and inspiring people start living the life you want to live.
Jot BeatFreelance Writer | Commentator
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