A new health and wellness ecosystem is changing lives in the web 3.

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As a human, there will come a time in your life, when you feel challenged on every level. If you notice, the moment you are out of alignment on either an emotional, financial, or physical level, everything else starts crumbling. In moments of overwhelm, most humans become reactive and long for a way out of the pain, but it is in moments like this when you have to choose to take extreme ownership and do the inner work on yourself in order to mature as a leader and human being.

As leaders, we all go through moments of uncertainty, yet, we keep fighting and choosing our purpose over our fears. Life is always happening for us, not to us, and that is what the supernaturals project aims to help you understand.

A community of psychologists, coaches, reiki masters, spiritual teachers, and self-aware people have brought health and wellness to the NFT community. They hold weekly Twitter spaces to discuss topics that raise consciousness in humanity. The experts come in and interact with listeners answering questions, adding value, and sharing knowledge.

What are Supernaturals?Supernaturals

An incubator where we can all find and use our voices as well as grow our financial investments together with our mental health is a unique way to focus on healing. Using the futuristic environment and sense of community of web 3 to raise awareness of mental health is the main objective of this project.

The founders, Cristina Sebe and Alexandra Serban are two skillful professionals who have experienced burnout, anxiety, and depression themselves and decided to join forces to create a solution that offers neuroscience and mindfulness to help people connect to their true selves.

Sometimes, as young professionals, we get lost in our careers and goals, forgetting our mind is the ruler of our entire lives and once our emotional state is not healthy, we risk losing everything else.

Be super gentle with yourself. Usually, the hardest part about any situation is judgment — seek to understand, not to judge, especially not yourself. It is not effective to be your own worst critic.

Follow me to keep learning more about upcoming projects, and remember, this is all for educational purposes, not financial advice.

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