5 Worst Places To Live In Oregon

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Oregon is known for having such a part of that in a wild-west setting and the diversity of its environment due to the vast rainforests, mountains, and arid deserts that it has. Like every other state existing, Oregon is such a nice place to live... not to mention that it is home to the Guinness world record for having the largest living organism is also located here. But, the number of places that are home to hostile and unhealthy environments is still on the list even today. If you want to take a visit to Oregon, move in, or just want to know the downside places of the said state, then read on to find out.

Top 5: Portland

For some, it's surprising to see Portland on the list because of the number of beautiful gardens, parks, and attractions that are all over the place. Portland is Oregon's largest city with a population of 639,387 people and is known for its good employment rates and top-rated schools. However, this city is still not safe with regard to crime rates as it has the second-highest crime rates in all of Oregon.

Portland is home to an average of ten violent crimes each day, and property crimes such as robbery and burglary are on the top list. With almost 4,200 records of burglaries and 6,432 stolen cars only, maybe it is not really safe to settle down at this place.

Top 4: Salem:

Salem is Oregon's capital city and is one of its largest cities. Despite this place having above average-schools, a diverse community, and various vacancies for families, having a high crime rate is unbelievably a part of this city's reputation as a whole.

In the year 2018, 1 in every 289 people are either killed, raped, or have received harassment. As the years went by, the numbers definitely increased... and crime rates are definitely higher than usual as this place is known to have a stable rate of crimes for the past few years. Also, Salem had up to 4,966 cases of larceny so walking up into the streets of this place with your wallet flashed out in your hands is definitely not a good idea.

Top 3: Roseburg:

Obtaining the title of having the third-highest crime rate all over Oregon, Roseburg's public schools are surprisingly high-rated, the transportation in this area is beyond smooth, and there are a lot of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. But, let's tackle the main point... about this place having a high crime rate.

Property crime is such a big thing here as 1 in every 17 residents has already experienced burglary, theft, or even vandalization. Not just pickpockets and thieves being around, this city is also reported to have a high rate of rape cases.

Top 2: Woodburn

If you have children, you better not let them settle into this place as it has low-rated public schools and lacks activities and attractions for the family. You might want to just live alone but, that isn't also a good decision to consider as this place also peaks at the high crime rates of Oregon.

1 in every 27 people has a chance of being victimized by crimes like theft or even arson. If you happen to have a car, then you better flee this place as the hostiles here are focused on stealing cars. Both property and violent crimes were a thing here, but the good thing is that violent crimes have fallen off even just a little bit. Still, the number of crime rates here is still a valid reason not to settle into this place if you want to ensure your own safety.

Top 1: Sweet Home

Unlike its name, Sweet Home isn't actually that sweet. In fact, the bitter truth of this place is that this town is almost in the middle of nowhere which is north of Eugene, and has a long commute time if you are from other towns.

It also has a low household income since 8.8% of its population is still unemployed. Also, more than a fifth of the population in this area are living in the lines of poverty, making this place an undesirable place to live. Its name "Sweet Home" really is deceiving.

Well, it is still up to you and your personal safety measures on how you can secure a good and safe place. Every place is good to live in as long as you can provide for yourself, are ready for the circumstances, and are prepared to take on the cons of living at a certain place that you'd like.

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