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Review of "Van Gogh Immersive" Exhibition in Los Angeles

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Though "Modern Art" has taken the shape of a profession, its forefathers suffered when art was not seen as a norm or cultural inheritance. Vincent van Gogh is well-known for his groundbreaking paintings and is often regarded as the founder of Modern art in the Western hemisphere. Several exhibitions based on Vincent Van artwork are held throughout the year, attracting individuals who enjoy art.

  1. Korins, one of the set producers, covered the ceiling with approximately 8000 paintbrushes, providing guests with an unforgettable experience. "Starry Night" is an immersive experience that uses artificial intelligence to provide guests with a personalized message from Van Gogh. This may be stated better in terms of "consciousness" to duplicate Van Gogh's paintings using cell phones.

The New York Exhibition Venue " Immersion Van Gogh" may be found at Pier 36; it was originally home to 25 basketball courts. Three art galleries line the arena, one larger than the next, where guests may roam, relax, and immerse themselves in floating floors.

The organizers had been looking for a site since February, when the event was scheduled to open to the public on May 27. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, you may find the exhibition at 6400 Sunset Blvd. According to local authorities, the exhibition has been extended until January due to popular demand.

These activities are arranged with the goal of giving people a chance to interact with nature. Moving floors, enchanting walls provide a sense of immersion, reminding me of "Emily in Paris" episode 5 when the scene was shot within "Siccardi's exhibit" in Paris. This is what the L.a. exhibit's producers bring to life.

The event was planned in accordance with the COVID-19 protocol, and it is mandatory to wear a mask as well as other safety precautions. White circles are located throughout each gallery to underline the necessity of social distance while allowing guests to have a starry night visual experience before moving on to the next circle. Several time slots have been set aside for a restricted number of persons.

Apart from being a great artist, Van Gogh faced a challenging life full of bad experiences and extreme poverty. His painting has never been recognized during his lifetime and it was in the early 19s that his paintings got attention in Europe. The moving floors remind visitors that Van Gogh is not among us but his painting is still color life of ordinary people

Aside from being a brilliant artist, Van Gogh had a difficult life filled with horrible events and severe poverty. His paintings were never recognized during his lifetime, and it wasn't until the early 1900s that they gained prominence in Europe. The undulating floors remind visitors that Van Gogh is no longer among us, but his paintings continue to color the lives of average folks.

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