Silver Coins and an Impression of Jesus Were Found off the Coast of Israel


More than a hundred silver coins have been found in the wreckage of two ships off the Israeli coast Caesarea. The Israel Antiquities Authority on 22 December 2021, reported that the discovery of figures and a gold ring bearing the image of the "Good Shepherd," a well-known icon of Jesus in the Christian religion.
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Two shipwrecks date back to the late Roman and Mameluke periods, almost 1,700 and 600 years respectively. At a depth of around four meters, several remarkable artifacts have been discovered in underwater excavations near the ancient seaside city of Caesarea. Findings reveal that two ships sank with their entire crew, "presumably while trying to guide them into port," according to researchers.

Hundreds of silver and bronze coins from the third century and several silver coins from the Mamluk rule in the 14th century are believed to be found in the aquatic riches. An eagle, a Roman imperial emblem, and a Roman pantomime, a comic character, were discovered in bronze. Clay pots and a variety of bronze bells were also shown, the latter of which was said to ward off bad spirits.

A red gemstone with an engraved harp is among the personal effects found among the wreckage, which belonged to the victims of the marine disaster. A gold ring with a green stone depicts a young shepherd with a sheep on his shoulders. According to the remark, the ring's owner was an early Christian. Symbolically, the painting depicts Jesus as a "merciful shepherd of humanity".

The Harbor city of Caesarea has a significant role in Christianity. As one of the early centers of Christianity, it was home to some of the earliest Christian communities and they started to spread all over the world said researcher Jacob Sharvit.


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