Upwork— 8 tips to write decent gigs and win clients

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As I completed my college degree and had to deal with a lot of pressure to make a career, I decided to be my boss. Among many options, I adopted freelance as a career. However, it looks to be a promising career because, according to the statistics, 1.4 trillion contribute by freelancing to the US economy. Thus, I chose Upwork, the top-most rated site for finding the work.

I happily created my profile on Upwork. But you know what? I failed to get projects despite completing all the profile sections and reaching potential clients. Then I started searching and watching tutorials to find out my mistake. Thus, I concluded that I wasn’t appropriately making a “gig.”

I was not articulating the skill that matched the client’s project well. So, I conducted in-depth research and gathered some tips to help make gigs I would like to share with you.

Things to keep in mind while writing the gigs

It’s better to customize the template for every gig.

I have been using proposals available on google for every project as I found those more appealing and time-saving, without realizing that to be a poor idea. But soon realized that using the same default template isn’t a good option. It’s better to customize the template for every gig.

The format of a good gig.

Every project is unique, but there are some common elements you can follow while writing a gig.

  1. Start with greetings and address the client’s core problem in short sentences that you understand.
  2. Give the assurance that you can handle the project and start right away.
  3. In the next statement, define why you are the best fit for the job by giving the different examples.
  4. How do you carry out the project, and what procedures and methods you are using
  5. Attach the relevant work samples; if you don’t have exact samples, you should create the sample that matches the job.

Offering tips to your potential clients.

Include suggestions is another way to prove that you are capable and expert enough to carry out the project. But always use a positive way. E.g.

You are doing an excellent job. I am impressed with your working style. But I recommend that you use two keyword searcher tools for generating keywords.

Length of your gig.

The gig should not be longer than 500 words, always keep to the point and be concise. It would be best not to make your gig too long because the client has no time to read lengthy gigs, and everyone’s time is precious.

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Avoid phrases that show ambiguity and lack of sureness.

While writing the proposals, there are phrases that you should avoid that show a lack of confidence, such as “I think,” “I will try,” and “should I” instead of you using such phases “I will” and “I am.” It will show that you are fully confident in your skills.

Here are some more tips to add-on

Read the project description.

It is the core step of getting the desired project. You have to read every word of the post and try to understand from the client’s perspective what he wants from the project. There are some hidden keywords that the client wants you to mention in the gig.

Clients often test whether you’ve read each word of the project posted or have just come to pitch randomly.

Ask yourself if you have specific skills to carry out their project.

The client wants the assurance that you are capable enough to have expertise in the project. You can share the experience that you have with a similar project. But along with experience, you use such a convincing tone that the client can get confidence in you.

Evaluate how you would save your client’s time.

Clients have a lot of tasks to perform. Thus they are looking for the individuals who save their task. Your gig should reflect how the experience of working with you will be time-saving.

If the client requires an Amazon affiliate writer, you attach the sample directly to the proposal instead of attaching the links.

Consider going some extra miles.

While researching, I found this tip quite helpful for a long-term project. You are interested in delivering the work and getting the money as a freelancer.

But clients are more interested in how much you add value to It and are willing to do hard work and put effort to do the work better so they will not lose you even if they find someone better than you.

Mistakes to avoid while writing a gig

Along with tips, I also list some common mistakes an individual makes while writing the gigs.

Mentioning too much about yourself.

The client is more interested in knowing how you carry the project rather than in your goal, hobbies, and passion because they or not your teacher or boss have to make the impression. They are just interested in how you should complete the given project and what procedures you carry out.

Giving too much information.

Always stick to the point. Don’t put too much unnecessary information. If you fluff the too many details on the gig, the client loses attention and moves to another gig.

Offering too low rates.

The major mistake I made is that I offer low rates to the client compared to the market, but this creates the image that you are not capable enough and will not perform up to the mark.

Replying too late.

Once you send the cover letter, don’t contemplate you’ll get the client now. You need to remain conscious because when clients respond to your cover letter, they need an immediate reply, and if you do not reply on time, you will lose the job.

Convincing the client.

Urging the client to get the project is like bagging, which can not negatively impact your personality but also your career.

Relying on your profile.

A good profile with all sections completed and a five-rated profile will maximize the chance of earning a project. But not paying attention to the cover rate will automatically lead to not earning the project.

Wrap Up

I have tried to share the best and most practical tips for gig writing. I hope you find it helpful and easy to implement these tips while penning gigs. You must practice composing the gig because you cannot get profound on it if you do not rehearse it. After all, practice makes a person perfect.

I hope you will get the desired project.

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