Your productivity depends on your sleep routine

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Better sleeping patterns help create more time.
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Being a grownup adult is not as simple as we thought when we were kids. We have got responsibilities for which we have to buy enough time. One way of buying your time is by creating it. You don’t have to pay a monetary value for buyings. I’ll tell you what I do to buy time more efficiently. I have changed my sleeping schedule, which has helped me become more productive.

I have seen people striving hard to manage time, and I always tell them to create it instead of having a fulfilled life. The only point I maintain is to fix your sleeping schedule.

By organizing your sleeping schedule, you’ll eventually start creating more time.

I sleep a little less.

My sleeping schedule is simple to follow. I wake up at around 4:30 a.m. and spend a half-hour in complimentary prayers. I don’t enjoy flexing, but I enjoy telling you how to transform your sleeping schedule for productivity.

Following my prayer, I stay awake and do some meditation. But sometimes I sleep for another hour. Then I wake up again to lead morning congregation prayer and read some books.

These activities take an hour, after which I turn on my laptop and start working on my articles.

Sometimes, I have other work to complete, so I spend the morning completing all my dues.

I know I am not wealthy yet, but I’m on it. Earning anything takes time. Since I’ve started sleeping early and getting up early, I’ve changed a lot from the inside. Now I feel more relaxed and fulfilled. My spirituality is reaching another level. If I’m exhausted or not feeling well, I go to sleep again for another hour and then make my breakfast around ten, right after the morning shower and workout.

Since this is my sleep routine, I’d have to cut off the other activities and jump when I sleep next.
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Experts say that napping after lunch or during the afternoon has some health benefits. But unfortunately, I regret not taking a nap in the afternoon. My mother and paternal grandparents used to take afternoon naps. But since my dad, brother, and I have occupied ourselves with other stuff, we have time to nap.

You might be curious to know when I sleep next. I always try my best to go to bed by 10 p.m. It’s hard to fall asleep; I recite a few prayers that instantly help me sleep. But somehow, I fall asleep comfortably by 11 p.m.

This cycle repeats every day like an infinite loop. I’m used to it. I feel way more active than I used to be years ago.

Some practical examples

Here are the two different scenarios of sleeping schedules. Consider them and figure out the differentiated outcomes they create for us.

Scenario # 1:

A guy, P, who works 9–5 in an IT office, leaves his home around 8 a.m. to reach the office by 9 a.m. After leaving his office at 5 p.m., it takes him an hour to get home.

After returning home, he watches TV, surfs the internet, and plays video games to relax his mind. Instead, he gets the opposite result.

As soon as he finishes all those activities — a total waste of time — he goes to bed and fights hard to sleep.

His constant exposure to electronic devices adversely impacted his mind. So he has trouble falling asleep, and it takes an hour or more to sleep comfortably.

Wellness Now reports that mental and physical strains are proportional to spending a tremendous amount of time in front of electronic screens. But, P can’t figure out why he struggles to fall asleep at night.

Instead of waking up early in the morning, he gets up at seven and prepares to leave for his office. It’s a lack of sleep, no?

Scenario # 2:

Another guy, X, P’s colleague, also has the same office hours as P has. X also spends his office time the same way as P does, except for lunchtime, and also leaves one hour earlier from home to reach his office by 9. Likewise, when he gets back home from the office.
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X sleeps for only 7 hours and gets up at 4 in the morning. He has four extra hours to spend mindfully. He indulges himself in morning workouts and reading self-help and motivational books. These two activities must take him a maximum of two hours.

He still has two hours left. He devotes the remaining time to journalizing, future planning, and office preparation.

X gets a lunch break for an hour, which he uses in the following way:

  • 20-minute nap,
  • 10 minutes lunch,
  • and 30 minutes reading self-help books.

Yet, he doesn’t waste his time on leisure activities.

P isn’t full of energy when he wakes up in the morning. Why? He wastes four precious hours doing unnecessary activities and influences himself by surfing social media and watching movies.

While watching some television shows or listening to social media influencers, he takes all the influential pressure. After watching media shows, he starts contemplating why he isn’t prosperous, taking his precious hours, which is one reason for his disturbed sleeping schedule. P isn’t aware of the struggles behind the success of social media influencers. Also, he couldn’t even acknowledge that success takes a lot of hustle.

The final takeaway

It’s not so easy to sleep instantly for some people. They might engage in unnecessary activities, like watching back-to-back movies and TV shows for hours. If you are doing the same, wouldn’t that affect their mind?

For others, like me, getting prompt sleep is a blessing. But we must sacrifice our interests for a better future. We don’t waste our time watching movies and surfing through social media.

Why not you follow a similar sleeping schedule as I do? If I can witness a spiritual and mental change, why can’t you?

I’ve also presented you with two different scenarios of P and X to determine who will be more successful in life. It’s, of course, X because he creates his time and uses it in mindful activities that lead him to a fulfilled life.

I’d suggest that you follow X’s schedule to witness promising results.

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