The 4 steps to take for achieving a secure money mindset

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The definitive four actions to acquiring a secure money mindset.
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Many of us have been through the anxiety of not having enough money. We may feel like we can never get ahead or that our financial situation is too stressful for words.

The worst point is that this can arise even if you’re earning handsome money, and it’s not your fault! It doesn’t matter how much you make; toxic mindsets can still cause people to experience stress and anxiety regarding their finances.

I’m a person who has had a toxic money mindset in the past. I thought irrationally about things like being “responsible” (which was another word for “not having any fun”). I felt guilty whenever I spent anything on myself, which led to unhealthy money habits.

I didn’t save money because I was always worried about how much “I could afford” instead of focusing on my long-term goals.

I realized that this mindset toward money was just a way of punishing myself for being human.

It wasn’t until I shaped my perception of what “responsible” meant and how much actual freedom I had in life that things began shifting, allowing me to take control over the future instead of letting it own me!

Thankfully, I eventually came out of this toxic mindset and developed a secure financial attitude, enabling me to create the life I wanted!

Here are a few key points I want you to remember to quit the toxic money mindset I’ve had in the past.

Gain financial wisdom and change your attitude towards money.

There are many career counselors out there who claim that you can earn as much as you believe you’re worth. The difficulty is that you may not be aware of your value.

There will come a time when you might be so wounded and upset that no matter what happens, you won’t see your worth.

As Rachel Cruze explains, changing your money mindset is possible, but it may be challenging to do so without understanding your current views. Much of the psychology around money stems from previous models you gained.

It’s time to stop allowing your past to damage your present. You’ve got a promising future ahead, but you have to work for it by changing these negative money mindsets that are preventing you from moving forward in life.

There should be no reason for anyone to get trapped in this cycle of depression and anxiety when they can change their money mindset.
The first step is admitting that your current money beliefs are not ideal and may have detrimental effects. Ask yourself where you brought up such views.
Once you better understand how you formed such a mindset, it will be easier for you to make changes.

Start with the small things.

If you’re trying to break out of a negative money mindset, you must start with the small things.

Don’t try overhauling your entire life overnight — this will set you up for failure! Start by making simple changes, like bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out or buying coffee every day.

These small, manageable changes will add up over time and help you achieve your goals quickly.

For example, for every $100 that I spend on lunch at work each month, I could save $600 a year by bringing my food!

Start with the small things that you can easily change to make headway in correcting these toxic money mindsets.

Make money from something you enjoy and would do for free.

Find mentors and educators in the financial world who inspire you.

Be wise while selecting whose advice to take on personal finance; many so-called experts are peddling get-rich-quick schemes.

Doing what you love is the right approach to ensure you’re in line with your values, and it will also make the money-making process more fun!
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Be mindful of what “responsible” means to you. Don’t let society or anyone else control how you spend your money- only you can decide that!

Start thinking about your long-term goals and what you need to do to achieve them that can facilitate drawing the tension out of day-to-day money decisions.

With your finances, always remember that YOU are in control! You can develop a secure financial attitude by making small changes over time, and eventually, you can enable yourself to reach all of your financial goals.

Identify intellectual and spiritual money blocks.

Katherine Hurst of The Law of Attraction suggests that limiting beliefs can prevent us from what we truly desire.

Rather than punishing yourself for being human and having financial goals that don’t align with your values, it’s time to view your finances as an opportunity instead of a burden!

Establish a ratio of money to time invested that is fair and sustainable and set up positive affirmations around spending, earning, and saving money.

Review your current financial situation as it relates to these three areas: income/expenses, assets/liabilities, and net worth (remember: old thinking got you into this mess in the first place, so be compassionate with yourself as you go through this process).

To confront the dangerous opponent that is having a toxic money mindset, you must first break free from a scarcity mentality.

Through practical financial strategy, you can put yourself in a more level-headed frame of mind to face challenging monetary stress.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s not about how much money you make. It’s what your attitude toward that money is and how you spend or save it.

A more secure financial mindset will be a better path to happiness and wealth.

If this article resonates with you, identify one thing from the tips above that would help change your behavior to have a happier relationship with money in the future.

Keep it light and playful as you go about changing your mindset.

Sometimes I take a trip to a shopping mall or the seashore because the atmosphere is so lovely. It’s my treat for myself after a busy day or when I’ve been working on an important project at work that has kept me extra busy.

The key here is being mindful of why we choose what we choose. The money we spend should be worth not only what we receive from buying something extravagant — it should also make us happy on the inside.

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