Financial Independence — how to achieve it?

Zafar Siddiqui

I’m on the way to creating wealth because I know the formula to financial independence will work out for me.
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If you want to know my family background, it’s been a few years since my dad earned the tag of the upper-middle class. Before that, our financial condition hasn’t been well. Still we are on the way to achieving financial independece.

The consistent hard work of my dad rewarded him with the higher tag any lower-class person could imagine. He dedicated his entire life to providing us with the necessities and letting us taste a fulfilled life.

Though, I feel ashamed of turning 25 already and haven’t earned a penny yet. The reason for feeling that way is he has spent all his earnings and savings on our education. We are four siblings, and he bears everyone’s expenses.

He also provides for our mother. So, the total number of people he looks after is five.

My dad sacrificed all his desires of living a luxurious life for the sake of providing us with a high-quality living.

Discover your passion and look for devoted allies who helps you in financial freedom.

Studies have shown that people following their passion are more satisfied with their lives than people not pursuing their passion.

“Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want” — Tony Robbins.

Financial freedom and financial independence have the same meaning that we can use interchangeably.

Since I’m eager to earn bread for my family and lighten some burden from my father’s shoulders, I’ve started working on fulfilling the dream.

For now, the initial steps I took were finding out my passion and figuring out my loyal friends, without which I don’t believe wealth creation would ever be possible. Financial freedom starts with your passion and ends with your true friends.

Creative writing and inspiring people are my top listed passions, in which I’ve indulged myself for over a year already. My progression is slow, but I’m on the way to success.

Passion gives you a reason to become early riser every morning, for which you contemplate the other day that has passed. You don’t reflect it but plan what and how you’re about to manage the things.

As inspiring people through my words is my passion, I get up at 4 a.m., and discover new ideas to write new thoughtful articles or work on the already written unpublished ones to enhance them.

I am more comfortable inspiring through my writing since I’m putting my thoughts into words, and that’s the essential part.

As far as having loyal companionship is concerned, they should meet the criteria of impartiality and honesty because that’s the person who won’t back you on your wrongs; instead, they tell you’re wrong on your face.

I’ve got plenty of friends, but a few are loyal to me. They tell me whenever I make a mistake or am about to commit a wrongful act without ill intentions.

Better find such a friend who’d give their best, saving you from all the wrongdoings and bad traits, like they don’t want you to become a cigarette or alcohol addict.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator that propels people forward in their explorations.

Behavioral scientists define curiosity as a trait shared by human beings that is characterized by curious behaviors including discovery, research, and acquisition. According to those social psychologists, people’s behaviors, interests, and needs are all influenced by their motivation.

Curiosity is the urge to study as much about a topic; motivation is the drive to do more with that learning.
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I was never good at studies, which is why I decided to do something different. After years of odd jobs, I started exploring and experimenting with new things. That’s how I got interested in Shopify Drop-shipping and started learning about it.

The more I learned, the more interested I turned into, which led me to experiment further. This journey helped me gain a lot of knowledge and experience that is helping me now in my online business ventures. And I’ve just launched my online store, The Explorers’ Universe, where I sell all the travel-related products.

Spend time in and around your own personal hotspots.

I’ve always loved traveling and discovering new places. I would preserve all my money to travel for a month or two and explore a unique site every time. While doing that, I would also meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their culture and lifestyle. This habit helped me discover new places and helped me understand the world better.

Eventually, this fascination led me to launch an online brand about traveling accessories. I’d definitely love to spread the word throughout the world. So, if you want to achieve financial freedom, start hanging around your own spots- whether it is at work, home, or any other place where you feel comfortable spending most of your time.

The smartest expense you can make is in your own well-being and happiness.

One of the smartest things I’ve ever done is invest in myself. If you ask me to compare my old version with my current version, there have been a lot of changes I made to myself. One investment last year brought me absolute advantages, that is, subscribing to Medium Writing Academy course.

The investment has helped me gain knowledge and skills that are helping me now in my writing. Though I’m a slow learner and have a slow implementation pace, I’ve explored a lot from the course.

If you want to gain financial privilege, start investing in yourself by learning new skills or enrolling in courses related to your passion or field of work. Over time, you will see amazing results if you keep practicing and implementing whatever you learn!

You don’t need to compete with anyone.

I’ve never been someone who competes with anyone, especially when it comes to work or money. I prefer working hard and making my own earnings than competing with others and ending up nowhere.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy competing- in fact, I love winning. But, I know that the only way to win is by not competing at all! So, if you’re looking for financial freedom, start by forgetting about competition and just focus on your own journey. Don’t let anyone else’s success bring you down or distract you from your goal!

By continually competing with others, you compare yourself to others, particularly with the ones who stand at a better position than you. As a result, you perceive like you’re not quite competent, which saps all of your pleasure from life.

Comparing yourself with others prevents you from appreciating what you already have. Instead, you fixate around what you miss.

The trouble is that you can never have everything, and once you do, it will drive you crazy. And besides, it’s not the accomplishment of your objectives that gives you pleasure, but the act of striving for them.

Plan your day to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

I’m a big believer in pre-scheduling my day to achieve the most important tasks and goals.

I’ve always been a dawn guy, and I love working in the mornings. So, I would wake up at around 04:30 a.m. every day and start working on my online business ventures after offering some volunteer and obligatory prayers.
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This helped me stay focused and ensured that I got most of my work done during the daytime, when I was fresh and energetic. To achieve financial freedom, start by scheduling your day and allotting specific hours for different tasks.

For example, you could schedule an hour each to learn new skills, research the internet, create content, network, etc. You will observe surprising outcomes if you stick to this routine!

Copy your mentor and paste it into your life

One of the best things I’ve ever done is to find a mentor and copy everything they do that’s helping them achieve their goals.

I was lucky enough to find my mentors in two very successful online entrepreneurs, Sunny Ali and Hisham Sarwar. I would watch their videos, read their blogs, and implement whatever advice or tips I could into my own life.

Get a mentor to instruct you on your journey. Copy everything they do that’s helping them succeed and see how it works for you! You may have to tweak some things along the road, but eventually, you will find what works best for you!

Chase excellence, not money.

Money is a result of excellence, not vice versa; one one of the most important lessons I learned when starting my online store. I would always see people running after money and forgetting about their goals or values in life.

Don’t be like them! Instead, focus on your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Once you reach your goals, money will naturally follow! So, start chasing success instead of money and see how it changes your life for the better!

Even students win scholarships and grants, many times because of their academic and extra-curricular excellences. Don’t you think people succeeding in their scholarship applications have earned money already through the scholarship itself?

Love your work

I get up every day energized to carry out my business and help others achieve their goals; this excitement and passion have helped me stay focused and motivated throughout the years.

That’s is because I genuinely enjoy what I do, and it doesn’t feel like work to me.

If you crave to win financial autonomy, find something you love doing and focus on it. Don’t speculate about the money at first; just think about how much you would enjoy doing that activity every day! Once you find something you’re passionate about, the money will come naturally!

The Final Takeaway

These were the ten steps I took to achieve financial freedom. I assume you can find some vision and guidance from them!

Don’t forget to pre-schedule your day, copy your mentors, and love what you do! These are all important habits that will help you reach your goals. Stay focused and driven, and don’t let anyone else’s success bring you down! Good luck on your journey!

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