The types of content marketing you should focus on in 2023

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As a content creator, I keep my eyes open to learning new trends and tricks to improve my skill and keep upgrading. Content marketing is an ever-evolving field. The rapid changes and shifts in the algorithm of Google, competition on many social media platforms, and the diverse nature of the digital world require content marketers like me to think more creatively.

Keeping all these elements in mind, I came up with this listing to help my fellow marketers know about fresh content marketing trends.

You might wonder how content marketing trends relate to digital marketing trends. Well, the effectiveness of the trends relates to digital marketing. In other words, the success of a digital marketer depends on the content they use for digital marketing.

Content marketing handles everything from sales campaigns to branding and lead generation to increase your online reputation. And that’s the reason many digital marketers are heading toward the latest trends to fine-tune their marketing approach.

Here is the list of top content marketing types you need to follow for 2022 to engage the audience:

1) Personalized content.

If you want to approach the customer on an individual level, personalized content will help you reach your goal. A Forrester report supports this emerging trend and shows that 92% of digital marketers have benefited from this strategy.

Having demographics, preferences, objections, and other related information about your customers, you can better target them and convey your brand message to them. You can generate up to 20% more sales by utilizing personalized lead nurturing.

A few strategies may help you improve your digital marketing campaign by generating personalized content targeting your specific audiences.

2) Guestographics.

The Guestographics method is simply creating an infographic and posting it to other top websites. It makes content marketers write informative articles and turn them into visual assets.

The purpose of guestographics is to build strong networks, create backlinks to improve SEO and make the content visually appealing. All you need is a perfect design, an appropriate promotion platform, a poignant topic, a sprint of controversy, and deliberating a subject that gained the ire of a big brand.

Watch this short video training of Neil Patel on how to do it a good way.

Guestographics are enlightening graphics that are combined with your content. This example by MOZ has also presented the perfect guestographic design and valuable tips to improve SEO.

3) Instructographics.

As the name suggests, Instructographics are graphics with instructions on how to do a particular thing. They are ideal when you need to explain a step-by-step guide on doing something. Here is a perfect example of Instructographics featured by B2C.

4) Storyboards.

It is a visual series of useful information, such as images, text, illustrations, and designs. Storyboards enable viewers to visualize the entire story per frame. It is a great way to merge every piece of information that requires a systematic approach.

Martin Scorsese says,

“The storyboard for me is the way to visualize the entire movie in advance.”

Storyboard That is one helpful tool to create them. Vyond has also featured an empty storyboard on their page for a better understanding of what the storyboard looks like;

5) Carousel posts.

Carousel posts are a popular format (on social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) among content marketers. Such posts include up to 10 videos and images we can view by clicking left or swiping right. Compared to images, these posts are much more interactive and able to engage the maximum audience.

In case you don’t know how to create a carousel post, watch a short YouTube tutorial by Seb below:

It provides an amazing way to show your brand story to the targeted audiences. So, if you want to promote your content, opt for this secret weapon and reap many benefits.

6) Whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard videos are animations that show the viewer a still image drawn on a white background. A story that guides the audience through the story told in the drawing usually accompanies illustrations.

The explanatory videos describe a process, sell a product, or communicate challenging ideas. You can use readymade templates available in bulk on the internet and customize them or create them from scratch. Also, you can use props, add music, or effects to create a masterpiece.

7) Screencast videos.

Screencast videos often feature an audio narration and are a digital recording of computer screen output. It is idyllic when you want to explain a process or create a step-by-step guide.

These videos are a time saver and make it easy for your audience to adopt the procedure quickly. We can use these screencast videos to create tutorials, video training, recorded presentations, and video lessons.

Here is how you can create screencast videos in 3 easy steps.

8) AR-powered storytelling.

AR stands for augmented reality, which makes video interactive and fun. You can add animations and 3D characters to make it a multisensory experience. AR-powered storytelling can cut the audience from reality and make them part of the story.

Web-based augmented reality is trending among marketers and content creators. Look for a few examples to understand how some brands reach their marketing goals using AR-powered storytelling.

9) Ephemeral posts.

Ephemeral posts are video content that stays online 24 hours a day before it disappears, such as GIFs, images, and videos. In contrast to evergreen content that persists as long as you want it to, it will not be available on social media platforms again.

Facebook and Instagram stories are among the potential examples of Ephemeral posts.

So, you can showcase your brand in person and action using ephemeral posts. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to create perfect Ephemeral content.

Wrapping Up

That’s all from me on the best new content types and trends to ram for in 2022 that can boost your content marketing game. It is also essential to keep learning and make yourself well aware of the latest trends and techniques to make your mark in content creation and marketing.

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