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Daniel Radcliffe in New York- Wizard to Workaholic

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Daniel Radcliffe came to New York for his first blockbuster movie from the Harry Potter series and, since then, settled in New York. Here is why he stayed in the city.
Daniel Radcliffe.Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia commons

The heartthrob of many Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter as we commonly know him started his acting career as a child actor at the age of 10. He gained worldwide popularity from movie series based on JK Rowling’s famous Harry Potter saga.

For over a decade, Daniel as Harry potter has ruled over our hearts, performing magic tricks and flying in the air as we can dream about.

He has been known and imagined as Harry Potter so much, and as the audience sees him grow up from young Harry to the adult wizard, it is so hard to see him in any other character.

He came from London at the age of 11, and since then, he has stayed here in New York as the city’s high-speed life and unlimited entertainment activities are quite addictive.

Let’s have a look at the life of our beloved Harry in New York!

House and wealth

The 32-year actor belongs to England by birth but now lives in the West Village near Manhattan. However, he travels back and forth between Fulham to unite with the family to New York.

Radcliffe is close to his family, and in his teen years, where he got too alcoholic to fit in the showbiz world, living with his parents as a kid helped him a lot to leave the habit.

Coming to the actor's wealth, well, he is “loaded” like his Gringotts vault in the wizarding world!

As per the survey, the first movie of the Harry Potter series earned him a million pounds and was featured in Forbes magazine in 2009; his net worth was 30 million pounds making him the 12th richest man in the UK.

Overall he is now among the top highest-paid male actors in Hollywood, and his fortune estimated in 2020 is found to be over 94 million pounds.

Well, no doubt that as the business harry potter series did and the ongoing royalties the actors receive, this figure is well expected NO?

In his various interviews, Daniel has expressed love for his life in New York, mainly because of the small eateries, cafes, walking around in the neighborhood in all the American Vibe.

Other movies

After the whole decade of Harry potter from 2001-2011, Radcliffe appeared in some other great movies that proved him a versatile actor. His acting in the Women in Black in 2011, Kill your Darlings in 2013, and Swiss Army Man in 2016 are appreciable, making him worthy of being a great actor in the industry.

We all have seen his funny plus psychotic gangster acting in Now You See Me 2 in 2016, which I believe would be more entertaining if given a bigger part.
Daniel at NY Film critic’s series.Bridget Laudein/Wikimedia commons

He has been working in Miracle Worker since 2019, which is a TV series by TBS. Season 2 of the show was aired in January 2020.

With his frenzy choice in role picking, Radcliffe is making his mark in the industry apart from the “big wizard Kid” he is imagined to be.

Although he always speaks about his star-making series and is grateful to be in the journey that made his career reach the peak of success at such an early age.

Shows in New York
Daniel with co-stars at the premier of Half Blood Prince in New York.Marion Curtis/
premier half-Blood

Daniel has done some successful Broadway shows in New York that has colossal audience acceptance the most recent one is “Lifespan of a Fact” in 2018, his other impressive performances in NY are in “How to Succeed in Business without Really trying” in 2011 and “Equss” in 2008

Other activities

Daniel is too much into philanthropy, and he thinks that the wealth we own has imposed a responsibility on us to help out others who don’t have it. He supports various charities. His most appreciated charity was to create CU-bed for VIP kid's habitat, and all the royalties from the earning of the product go to a Children Hospice in Kent.

He also donated a lot to the Get Connected help center in London for youth seeking help.

Considering what Radcliffe went through in his teens and early twenties, his being a severe alcoholic, and the emotional troubles due to the massive fame he got at an early age and afterward, he can relate to the work of this organization.

Daniel is not like usual stars who don't talk about "politics." He openly supports the Labor party and the British Republic. He also endorsed Jeremy Corbin in 2015 in labor party leadership elections.

Apart from acting, he is a poet who publishes poems in the name of Jacob Gershon published in a magazine called Rubbish in 2007. Also, he loves to play guitar and do karaoke, and write short stories.

MAN, what is it he doesn’t do! He is just all in one package!

American Football

Radcliffe is a passionate lover of American football and loves to watch and support NY Giants.

Charity work in New York

Daniel supports much charity work in New York. One of his recent noticeable contributions was donating his own Harry Potter merchandise and his personally autographed copy of the book to Cumming Community Chest Fund that was set up to financially support the staff during the COVID crisis.

Karaoke in NYC

As Daniel loves karaoke and has done with many stars like Eminem and he enjoys doing karaoke in clubs and bars in New York

Recent interviews

Daniel does some short video interviews on YouTube from his home in New York in which he talks about his work in Harry Potter and how he was embarrassed by his acting skills back then. He said he is grateful to get such a chance and to learn what to do in his life so early.

In a recent interview on the Happy Sad podcast, he talked about the characters he would love to play in the Harry potter reboot to the host Josh Horowitz.

He told me that he loved the Serius black and Lupin characters that he would like to play.

(We loved those too, right? Primarily, the carefree cool Serius black that takes on any challenge without fear).


Last year when JK Rowling made a statement on gender identity that offended the transgender community, Radcliffe takes on an essay to support the trans community and point out how JK Rowling’s statement is not appreciable.

Although openly they don't have a fight or clash, it is supposed to be a rift between both.

Now in 2021, when fans are hoping to see the whole Harry Potter cast reunion as the first film marks 20 years, Daniel had turned down the option claiming he will be shooting at that time in the Dominican Republic. So if there is any celebration, though there is no announcement, he would be sad to disappoint the fan, but he can’t join.

Apparently, it is felt to be somewhat related to the difference of opinion between the masterpiece writer JK Rowling and her star actor Daniel. We hope that it is what they say, and maybe he manages to surprise his fans with his presence in the 20 years Harry Potter reunion this fall.

As a beggar in New York

This one was the funniest news on the internet when a passerby in New York understood Daniel as a homeless beggar and gave him a 5$ bill. He said that he was waiting outside a shop with his dog. He felt the dog was cold and was rubbing him when the stranger appeared and gave him 5$ to have a coffee.

Ahh! New York is a big city, and even if you have millions of fans worldwide, there are still those who don't recognize, and with a full shaved and casual look, maybe our Harry Potter is unrecognizable!

Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite celebrities. Have a nice day!


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